Sinemasal kaygılar taşıyarak seyretmedim elbette filmi, sonuçta bir cumartesi akşamı filminden ve GORA'nın devamından bahsediyoruz.


Cem Yılmaz'ın esprileri bile 9 milyon dolar etmiyor bu sefer.

A taste of things to come: 2009

Happy new year everyone, best wishes...

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Very nice trailer from the movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Can't wait to see it.


The news in Radikal stating that Erdoğan will say "TRT Şeş bi xwêr be" is particularly noteworthy of attention. Though most people from both sides disagree with this new channel; I still think this is at least the beginning we need. Now everyone wonders what will happen with the banned Kurdish songs and words etc.

Journal #1


- First things first, I got BA from my Economics & Business Translation course. This is exceptional, since I guess very few people got BA.

- Then, I attended a meeting I was invited by the Kellogg School of Management. The meeting was at Deloitte in Maslak Sun Plaza. Well, the meeting and the presentation was quiet nice but it seems that if you can't find a scholarship; you will have to pay 45k dollars per year only as a tuition fee. Yea, nobody's a fortuneteller, so better stop making guesses about it.

- Finally, the Oscar goes to: the snow. After days of desperate longing, I have finally seen some real snow after a day of sun and wind and rain. It was beautiful once again; and shame that I don't have any course tomorrow.

Did you know?

This video was released by Sony BMG at a meeting in Rome this year, as told me by my instructor.

I think most of you already have a general idea of the content of the video, but it's better to be demonstrated by specific numbers.

2008 Latest Edition - Did You Know 3.0 - From Meeting in Rome This Year - Funny videos are here

Yes, English it is.

Time: Top 10 of Everything

Time dergisi, 2009 için, Top 10 of Everything listesi hazırlamış. Tabi bu tarz Top 10 listelerine çok da inanmayan; ama okumadan da geçemeyen birisi olarak ıskalamam imkansızdı. Birkaçına yer verelim:

- Top Performance: Kate Winslet as Hanna Schmitz in The Reader

Top Movie: Wall-E

Top Song: Kanye West - Love Lockdown

- Top TV Series: The Shield

Alttaki görsel de Top photos of 2008 listesinde ikinci sırada yer alıyor. Olimpiyatlardan bir M

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