Chuck Berry And The Istanbul Gig

"How did it feel to get cheated?", will ask my sons in future. "By the man you adore, by the King about whom we only hear legendary stories"

Really? How does it feel? Let me tell you, it feels really bad. Longing so much for the man you admire, only to see him on stage for 45 minutes. 45 minutes. And you know what, the band that
was on stage before Chuck Berry stood there for 45 minutes. Exactly 45 minutes. What is the
difference here? There's something wrong with that.

What is wrong with that, then? I mean what caused Mr.Berry to leave the stage so early? The technical problems he had in the beginning. Come on, we all know this can't be the reason.

For he is demonstrating against something? No, at least we should have learned what he was demonstrating against.

For he didn't like the audience. Be serious, we were going to hell for him over there, hands up as high as they could go up.

I've come across a setlist (a little bit old though, since I couldn't find a recent one) for a concert he gave in France, in 2004. I saw 19 songs in the setlist, and the concert is said to last 80 minutes. I 
remember Mr.Berry telling that we had to raise our arms higher for the concert to last longer (for all the night and the day, as he said). 

Then, I inevitably wonder. Are the arms of the French people pretty much longer than our arms?

Yes, It was good to see Mr.Berry over there, doing all the stuff; but there were great wrongs in it. Who knows, when we will see him again, maybe never; and that wasn't enough, really.

We are left with hearts broken, and we don't know how to make up.

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